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This motorized staircase hand truck/dolly is true to its weight load capacity of 400 Lbs. The slide-in cargo platform makes it easier to load items on the hand truck. The extendable handle covered with a black gripping surface is easy to grip and hold on to when moving items. The foldable platform is easy to store without worrying about detaching any parts. The machine functions on a rechargeable, long-lasting, powerful battery and motor that comes with a clear and detailed, real-time display.

400 LBS-Self loading platform, Motorized Staircase Hand truck

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Dimensions* :

    Product weight: 30 kgs 

    Load capacity: 400 LBS/ 180 kgs 

    Product size: L53 x W55 x H155 cms 

    Height:155 cms 

    Lithium battery: 24V; 110~240 V 

    Security- Rear castor with brakes, extendable handle Exclusive features: 

    • Real time power display 

    • Removable battery 

    • Track retractable electric device. 

    • Extendable rod 

    • Foldable-easy to store 

    • Metallic body and platform 

    • Metallic slide in cargo board/platform


    * Dimensions are the best ballpark figures. Actual dimensions might vary slightly.

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