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Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

PayPal, Credit/Debit-Visa and Mastercard, Google Pay.

What if I want to try it out first?

Sure! You're most welcome to rent out our standard motorized staircase hand truck. Please visit our 'Services' page for more information.

What if I have a problem with the product?

 Feel free to reach out to us using any of the contact information given. 

Is there a bite-sized payment option available?

We are working out a few options to best serve our customers. Currently, we do not have that option.

What is the difference between these machines?

Apart from the weight capacities, the machines can carry, the power of the motor differs to support the load capacity of the machine. Also, we have 2 types of platform options slide-in cargo or wide frame platforms. Check out our store and explore the variety.

What is the timeline post order placement?

It takes about 3-5 business days to process payments and 15-20 business days to fulfill the order based on the inventory.

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